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New school year start up with ease!

Hello everyone,

Just had to post how easy it was to get the club back up and running this year. All I had to do was send class lists to our Laptracker friends and they took care of the rest! They sent us all the new student cards and blank back up cards for any new enrolling students.  Students from last year were already in the system and we were able to use the same cards from the previous year. All I did was change their sticker color on the sort those students into their new classes.

In just one month we’ve had 200 students run over 720 miles! I’ve coordinated our running club for 9 years and the Laptracker is the most motivating tool we’ve ever had!

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Successful Start-up at Albert Einstein Academy!

Albert Einstein Academy jumped on board the Laptracker train in March and we’ve experienced nothing but success so far! Tracking our 3rd-5th grade running club laps with Student Laptracker has finally given us the ability to run accurate reports on distance, participation, awards…

We post weekly top 12 runner reports next to our fitness center and class reports are posted in each classroom. The students are excited to see their Student dashboards and see how they match up to other grades! Click here for an example of a super star runner’s ‘Student Dashboard’ (note March is heavily weighted since we entered all previous laps from this year)  Click here to see our ‘Grade Summary Report’ as of May 16th. Jump on this train with us! It’s SO worth it and SO easy!

-Brian Nassif