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Student Privacy Pledge

We’re in! I’m pleased to announce we took the Student Privacy Pledge earlier this week. We’ve been compliant from day 1 but it’s nice to have our commitment publicly memorialized. I created the first version of our program as a parent volunteer at my boys’ school and the last thing I wanted was the kids in our community to have their information used for other purposes. Lap counts and mileage might not be as important as SAT scores but they are private nonetheless.

Student Privacy & Security has been getting more attention as a political issue. Last year there was some drama in the blogosphere but it at least advanced the conversation. It should be in the president’s State of the Union speech next week! I don’t think he’ll be talking about Lap Tracker before the whole country, that’s more Michelle’s kind of thing, but I do think he’ll speak about the issue and hopefully mention that edtech companies like ours have taken the pledge.

The pledge and a list of companies who have made the pledge can be found here:

And for more in-depth information, FERPA SHERPA is another great resource.

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New school year start up with ease!

Hello everyone,

Just had to post how easy it was to get the club back up and running this year. All I had to do was send class lists to our Laptracker friends and they took care of the rest! They sent us all the new student cards and blank back up cards for any new enrolling students.  Students from last year were already in the system and we were able to use the same cards from the previous year. All I did was change their sticker color on the sort those students into their new classes.

In just one month we’ve had 200 students run over 720 miles! I’ve coordinated our running club for 9 years and the Laptracker is the most motivating tool we’ve ever had!

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Park Orchard Jog a Thon




_Y3A9078Students at Park Orchard Elementary in Moses Lake, WA participated in the first ever jog a thon. Thanks to Student Lap Tracker, students were able to immediately after the run see their individual results and class results with the awesome detaliled reports.

Student Lap Tracker is so vital to our lunchtime running program. Teachers and students love it…It motivates kids because they can see their individual results and teachers can log on and see their class data, and have used it for math lessons in their classes. When students get to work with personalized data and not just random numbers, it is powerful and impacting.

Here at Park Orchard, we LOVE Student Lap tracker!

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Thank you!


Ray Daily Elementary School in Houston, TX implemented the running program during the Spring semester.  I am so happy and encouraged by the motivation and excitement this program provided our PE students!  Our kids were talking about running everyday as they entered school and checked their class rank, distance and the previous day’s results.  I also used the top 10 report to post running leaders for girls and boys by grade level.  The awards schedule report was also a favorite of mine so I could distribute shoe tokens in a timely fashion as the kids reached their grade level goals.  In addition to posting results in the hallway, I projected each class runners’ report on the wall with a powerpoint which helped immensely in getting kids focused at the beginning of class.  I am looking forward to our first full year of the Ray Daily ES Mileage Club beginning this fall!


Jim and Hanna are organized, helpful and positive people.  Our mid year startup process was easy and fast.  The directions are clearly communicated and phone calls/emails were answered and returned quickly.  As a PE teacher time during the school day is precious and limited.  I was able to get everything going during my conference periods and did not have to spend any time after the school day throughout the setup process.  After I quickly became acclimated to the program I was able to print reports at the end of the class period while students were hydrating.


The return for students is immediate for this investment.  They compete against not only each other, but themselves, consistently asking me if I have updated their running data.  I also received positive feedback from parents and teachers who let me know that the kids were talking about running in the classroom and at home.

A few pics from Ray Daily Elementary School in Houston, TX enjoying

Thanks again!  Jason Van Alstine – PE Teacher


mc-1          mc wall 


scanner mc 3     mc-2     mc line up

top ten



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Ready to Run

Got kids who need more exercise? Our spring promotion Ready to Run is now live.

For some schools, the months of March and April are an ideal time to start our program. Here’s why:

  • Students need something new and fun – our technology will perk up your club or PE class.
  • The principal isn’t as busy as they are the beginning of the school year.
  • Parent organizations are likely in a better position to help you with funding.
  • You can roll out the program in pilot mode and on your own schedule.
  • You’ll get our great software and service and up to 4 months FREE, an average savings of $200

Here’s the link: Ready to Run

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Blog post #1

by Jim Patriquin

Welcome! I have worked with so many great people over the last 5 years, and want to share the tips, stories and insights gathered along the way. The teachers, parents and school administrators who work with our kids on a daily basis are shaping the world to come. My company’s mission is to provide them with an affordable tool that they can use to help build a healthy community at their school.

The people do make a difference:

  • At 6:30 this Saturday morning, I received an email from a dad in Calabasas who is taking time out of his weekend to prepare for his kids’ school Jog-A-Thon.
  • Yesterday, it was a veteran PE Teacher  in Scripps Ranch who was helping us test our new height and weight scanning for BMI. That data, along with our mile timing, enables Fitness Assessment Reports that she’ll use to proactively help students with their energy balance and aerobic capacity.
  • And on Thursday, we passed a company milestone: over 3 million laps tracked since the 2008-09 school year. Most of those laps were run by kids who were simply joining in on the fun at their school’s running club, which was only made possible by the teachers and parents who decided to make it happen.

Thanks for reading – I will be adding more posts and look forward to your comments!