The Student Lap Tracker Blog


“My students are very excited about seeing their miles add up.  Even my non-athletic ones like to see their progress.  I love this program!”

Carolyn McNulty
Teacher, Ramona Community School
Ramona, CA

“This is great – I am so proud of the PE program at Everett!!”

Lena Van Haren
Principal, Everett Middle School
San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for creating and running this program. A great service for our students and truly a unique motivating tool that is pushing our students to new levels.”

Nate Ramezane
Physical Education Teacher
Cupertino, CA

“Children at Colfax Charter have always been encouraged to be physically active and make healthy choices. We have a comprehensive physical education program which includes games skills, soccer, basketball, and yoga. Until we began using the Student Lap Tracker it was very difficult to motivate students to run laps. Lap tracker allows students to monitor their progress, set running goals, and engage in friendly competition. The data is also used by instructors to give parents concrete feedback about a students’ participation rate in P.E.”

Susana Gomez-Judkins
Principal, Colfax Charter
Los Angeles, CA

“We have 265 out of 310 students running with parents, teachers, siblings and preschoolers. So far we’ve run over 20,000 laps in 20 weeks!”

Kelly S.
Run Club Coordinator, Maryland Ave Elementary
La Mesa, CA

“I’ve used the reports for math – using real information that is applicable to them is more engaging.”

Tammie B.
5th Grade Teacher, Murdock Elementary
La Mesa, CA

“Having the numbers themselves is so rewarding to so many of them that whatever incentives we do during the year isn’t the draw, it’s ‘How many laps have I gone? What have I accomplished?”

Nichole G.
Run4Fun Chairperson, Murdock Elementary
La Mesa, CA


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